Dog Walking


The dog walking that is done by Take the Lead covers a lot of different areas of ground from the beaches of Gullane, Yellowcraigs and North Berwick, to the fields and rivers in the East Lothian area. I take your dog(s) on their own or in a maximum group of six. I will not take any more than this number as I feel that larger numbers are very intimidating to other dog walkers.

I allow my dogs to free run if I know that I have them under control as this allows them to enjoy their walk with the others and get as much exercise as possible while out. A dog that I think needs additional training is given it while the walk is in progress. This is commented on by the owners, as when they take the dog out themselves they can see the benefits of what I have done. I feel that any dog walker worth their salt should be doing this and not just taking the dog (s) to the beach and letting them terrorise anybody else that is using it, man or beast.