The classes are run at the East lodge paddock in Dirleton.  They are done over a six week period and are on Tuesday or Thursday evening during the summer months from six o'clock whichever day suits as well as numbers.
There is a non-refundable deposit of £5 on completion of the application form and then £10 a class after that.

There is no certificate of achievement as you will be able to see how you and your dog are progressing without a bit of paper at the end of it.


One-to-one Tuition

If you feel that you would benefit from having a one to one session, this can easily be tailored into your program.
Together with the instructor, your lessons will be structured accordingly and to whatever requirement you have.

The cost is £30 an hour and the training ground will be where you and your dog will both benefit from the session.


Home from home

We take your dog into our house to stay with us as our family pet.  It does exactly as we do - if we are out then they come with us or on the contrary if they want to stay in and relax they can.
All we ask for is that your dog is fully vaccinated and covered for kennel cough and is insured.
We supply bedding and all we ask from you is your dog and food for the duration.

The cost for this is £22 per dog per week day.
Weekends £25 per dog per day
Bank holidays £30 per dog per day

Our fee is a daily rate and all dogs must be picked up before 9.00am. If collected after that time they will be charged an additional full daily rate.


Dog Walking

I walk a maximum of 5/6 dogs at a time and one of these is my own.  I walk for an hour from the time I pick-up your dog.  If it is a case that I walk somewhere else then the 60 minutes start from the time I arrive there.

I don't like walking more than 5/6 dogs as I am very conscious that people don't like to be confronted by a mass of dogs. I make sure that all the dogs I take out are under my control and they understand and listen to what I require from them.  If there is a case that a dog needs a bit of brushing up on their training, I put this in on the walk.

1 x dog £15 per walk (60mins approx)
2 x dogs same house hold £20 per walk (60mins approx)